With daily violence, kidnappings ,drug-related crime and random terror attacks and threats increasing on a global scale,our company is responding with a comprehensive range of special-protection vehicles in various resistance levels ranging from B4 to B7. Factory made vehicles like BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover or Audi are your 24h guard for you and your family.

Common to all Security Vehicles is the philosophy of integrated special protection. This means that the protective features are not retrofitted to a finished vehicle but are instead integrated into the bodyshell on a dedicated production line independent of the standard production process.

The integrated design approach also means that all the reinforcements to the body structure required due to the weight of the protective elements, can be incorporated right from the start.

All our models are in service all over the world and are universally renowned for their high standard of security, which has been achieved through many years of close cooperation with nationally and internationally recognised security authorities.

Trust, dependability, quality and discretion are the key attributes in the sensitive field of special protection.
Due to the specific and sensitive nature of Guard product we would be happy to arrange a private and confidential consultation to discuss your security requirements.
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